Our services - What can we do for you?

On this page you will find some of our most common repairs and/or options for restoring your jewelry back to its original luster and appeal.
Of course this list is very short and pricing depends on many different factors, but below you will get some ideas for the next thing you can cross off your to-do list

prong retipping

Have you noticed that your diamonds are loose? Do you keep catching on to your sweater? Then it is time to let us check your prongs !
We advice a check-up at least twice a year and we clean and polish your ring in the process. Retipping starts around $38.00.

new prongs repair

When the prongs are really worn down, there is no other option than replacing them.
It will keep your diamonds safe and will give you peace of mind. Prices for new prongs start at $55.00.

free cleaning and checking

Use the chat window in the lower corner to get an estimate on your repair or to ask us when your existing repair is ready. (The number on your ticket will be needed)

ring sizing

Sizing Sterling Silver or Gold Rings SMALLER:
starting at $41.00 (price depends on width and number of gems).

ring sizing

Sizing Sterling Silver or Gold Rings LARGER:
starting at $65.00 (price depends on width and number of gems).

Cleaning Rhodium Plating

Cleaning and checking of your jewelry is always free of charge, and if you want your white gold rings looking nice, shiny white again, restoring the protective rhodium plating starts at $42.00 per ring.

chain soldering

Why do we keep our old, broken chains in our sock drawer, when we can bring them to Harold? Simple soldering of Silver or Gold chains start at $24.00.

gold repair

Wearing that beautiful necklace your Grandma gave you again is also possible.
Just stop in and we will get it done! Prices start at $42.00.

gold silver clasp

Spring clasps, lobster clasps, pearl necklace clasps, and many more... all you need to do is come in and let us know what you need to be able to enjoy your jewelry again.

battery replacement

Tenants of the same sock drawer as the broken chains are often watches that need a battery.
Five minutes at Jewelry by Harold and $12.75 is all it takes to start wearing them again.

watch link removal

Did your better half buy you a nice watch and is it too big? No worries, we can take out links, replace broken links or order new ones if they are gone. We have no problem if the watch was not bought at our store.
Prices start at $12.50.

earring backs

Missing backs are always an annoyance, but we have them in all sizes, metals and varieties. Simple Sterling Silver backs are only $12.50 each, the gold ones start at $33.50.