Harold's Work - Recent Designs

Each customer is different and their wishes are all based on what makes them happy. For Harold the best designs are the ones that bring a sparkle to their eyes and give them a true feeling of joy. Or as he puts it "I never have to work a day and yet I have the best job in the world!"

fire opal

Yellow Gold with Fire Opal and Diamonds.
This unique Fire Opal is dedicated to Harold's son who not only loves the color orange but also wears it proudly as the colors of the Royal Dutch House.

rubies and diamond

White Gold with Diamond and Rubies.
This contemporary design shows off the diamond in all its splendor. The combination with the rubies gives it a very personalized look

princess cut

White Gold with a Princess Sapphire and diamonds.
Fit for a princess and the dedicated lines complement this design to the fullest.

marquise cut

White Gold with Marquise Diamond.
This customer wished for a modern setting for her 'old-fashioned' marquise. Harold delivered.

montana sapphires

Yellow Gold with Diamond and Montana Sapphires.
The texture is derived from a hand- and fingerprint as the customer requested to commemorate a loved one.

branch pattern

White Gold with a diamond.
This ring was given by a mother to a daughter who have a very special bond. We are very proud to contribute to this family connection

rose gold

Rose or Pink Gold with an oval diamond.
The design for this ring was in the imagination of our customer for quite a while and then Harold was found so he could help to bring it to life.

double halo ring

White Gold with Garnet, Aquamarine and Diamonds.
The combination of these gems has a special meaning for the lady that is wearing it as well as the man who came in with the idea.

reused diamonds

Yellow Gold with diamonds.
The diamonds used were all from family jewelry and Harold combined them into a gorgeous wearable ring.

montana sapphires

White Gold with Montana Sapphires.
The couple who commissioned these rings both are avid outdoor people and loved the branch design.

marquise cut

Yellow Gold with Marquise Diamond.
By setting this marquise in a bezel it is protected so much more than in a prong setting and the diamond will still sparkle just as bright.

mens ring

Sterling Silver Men's Ring with Garnet.
The contemporary design makes for a very robust men's ring.


Platinum Set with diamonds.
Harold made sure this customer had her wish: a wide band, beautiful center diamond and lots and lots of shimmer and shine.

rose gold

Rose Gold with diamonds.
The flower and vine pattern in this band will surely make anyone happy.

threestone ring

White Gold Three-stone band.
When a customer desires to wear her ring every day, we make sure the ring is solid, sturdy and nothing can catch or snag.

pink sapphire

Rose Gold with Pink Sapphire.
We search high and low to find the best gemstones for the most unique rings our customers are dreaming of. This oval pink sapphire was not easy to locate but we are very glad we did find it!

halo ring

White Gold Halo Ring with Diamonds.
Based on an Adriano Design, Harold was able to make the ring to the liking of the customer and her husband.


Sterling Silver Ichtus Pendant.
This pendant was made for a very very special lady who has deep faith and loves to share this with everyone.


Sterling Silver with Blue Sapphires.
Bracelets are not often asked for but when Harold comes up with a design, it is sure to be a success.

Halo ring

White Gold Halo with Princesses.
This 'Suzanne' Ring has princess diamonds from the customer and a center from an heirloom ring.

cushion cut

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with halo.
The cushion cut is softer than a princess cut and therefore smoother in its design.

vintage styles

White Gold with Marquise diamond.
This design has a very vintage and delicate look which is great for engagement styles.

rose gold

White Gold with Pear-shaped Diamond.
Similar to the Adriano design in yellow gold, this split shank is great to wear and very sturdy.

rose gold

Black diamonds in White Gold.
These couple rings are different from traditional rings and are still very elegant and wearable.

rose gold

Rose Gold with diamonds.
This design incorporates the passions of the gentleman that designed it together with Harold.

matching bands

White Gold with Princess Center.
The bands are made to complement the design.

two-tone gold

Yellow/White Gold and diamonds
The yellow gold in this ring was repurposed of a heirloom wedding band.

platinum set

Platinum Set.
A robust set designed to last a lifetime.

name ring

Yellow Gold with name
This was designed for a quinceañera celebration.

unique design

Diamond Platinum ring
The 'one of a kind' ring was a special commission.

oval halo

Oval Halo in white gold.
The halo is there to accent and protect the center diamond.

mothers ring

Mother's ring
Yellow Gold accented with children's birthstones.

split shank

White Gold split shank
Gorgeous classic design with diamonds

platinum rings

Channel ring with matching band
This timeless design is always a winner when you want to propose.


Princess Sapphire
From our Adriano collection Harold made this version in white gold with a spectacular sapphire.

purple heart

Commissioned Ring
Harold was chosen to make this ring for the former director of the Purple Heart Service Foundation.

hand-carved bands

Delicate bands with Solitaire.
This hand-carved ring consists of one central solitaire and four bands intertwined
in white and yellow gold.

double diamond

Forever Together.
Way before the 'double diamond' rings became popular, Harold already was designing rings to symbolize friendship and togetherness.

hawkeye jewelry

Hawkeye Black and Gold Ring
Because we are licensed to manufacture Hawkeye Jewelry anyone can commission Harold to show their Hawkeye Pride.

birthstone ring

Alexandrite with diamonds.
Birthstone rings are not always standard, especially when they are made just for you.

mothers ring

Multi-colored Birthstone Ring.
All her children are represented in this ring and Mom is the shining center.


Asymetrical Circle
White Gold sturdy ring with diamond in the center and on the rim.


Hearts in yellow gold.
This ring was designed in memory of the client's spouse and to celebrate their love.

matching bands

Matching bands.
The client wanted a matching band to the exsisting one and Harold made a perfect match.

ruby and diamond

Around a Ruby
Wedding rings can certainly have color and with a complementing band it makes a stunning pair.


Oval Diamond in two-tone
By combining yellow and white gold this ring has become wearable with any other color jewelry.


Rose Gold Halo Ring
This ring was re-designed from an older ring to be sturdier and still very feminine.

opal ring

Opal in Yellow Gold
The design was set up around the opal and styled after the client's ideas

rose halo

White and Rose Gold.
The client was looking for something delicate and sweet, just like the girl he was going to propose to...

criss cross

Criss Cross Ring.
We used the gold from former rings to make this stunning ring with diamonds.


Repurposed diamonds
The diamonds used in this ring are all from jewelry that was hiding in a safe and now it is being worn with joy.


Rose Gold Pair.
Harold made the halo ring first and later added the matching band, all with diamonds.


Anniversary Bliss
The husband wanted to combine all her rings into a extra special anniversary ring and Harold made it work.


Princess cut in white gold
This stunning princess diamond became a ring fit for a queen.

rose gold

Custom designed band
The pattern in the band is representing two letters M for the names of the client and his spouse.


Sapphire and White Topaz in Yellow Gold
The client supplied the sapphires and Harold made this design complete.

geometrical design

Shapes and colors
This client had a dream about the design and Harold made it into reality with white, yellow and rose gold and platinum.