Unique colored precious gems - why not try something different than a diamond?

For many people diamonds are 'best friends' of anyone looking for jewelry. Other gems are equally as beautiful and certainly most of them are more affordable. If you are looking for a specific birthstone or a skillfully carved John Dyer original, we have an excellent selection in stock.


Oregon Sunstone.
By Master stone cutter John Dyer.
4.61ct - 11 x 15.7mm - One of a kind cut with spectacular effects.

cushion cut

Green Quartz.
Cushion cut and very clear. 20.4 x 21mm.

Juwelier Kok Schiedam

Smokey Quartz
Gorgeous champagne color - 23.4ct
26.7 x 12.6mm


Cut by John Dyer, laser engraved with his signature.
10.28ct - 14 x 9.7mm.


Golden Beryl
Another John Dyer. The shape is very unique and at 8.19ct this is a true gem. 18.5 x 14.5mm.

smokey quartz

Smokey Quartz.
Octagonal shape in nice clarity. 14.9ct - 17 x 17mm.

two-color amethyst

Blue / Orange Ombre Quartz.

two-color quartz

Green / Yellow Ombre Quartz.

two-tone gemstone

Blue / Green Ombre Quartz.