We like to spoil our customers, but we also like to give them a taste of our heritage.
That is why we have these Dutch treats for you to try and buy in our own store.

Douwe Egberts koffie

Douwe Egberts Coffee Beans
The best coffee you can get in North Liberty and even in the wider corridor! At the store we grind them fresh every day !

Haagse Hopjes

Dutch Coffee Candy - Haagse Hopjes
These coffee candies are made with genuine Dutch coffee. That is why they are the best of the best.


Gingerbread Windmill Cookies - Speculaas
When you visit our store, be sure to ask for coffee with a windmill cookie, they are FREE!!! all day long, every day !


Dutch Letter - Amandel/BanketStaaf
Pastry filled with almond and sugar paste, delicious with our Dutch coffee


Sweet Honey Licorice
Why do we like Honey Licorice so much? The sweetness makes us feel good and the flavor makes us think of windmills and tulips


Small Puff Pancakes - Poffertjes.
Poffertjes are mini-pancakes that tast best when covered in powdered sugar. A treat on any fair in Holland and certainly here in Iowa !


Wooden Shoe Licorice - Klompendrop
The wooden shoes are our trademark (as Dutch Nation) so why not make them taste great?


Coin Licorice - Muntendrop
There is a legend in Belgium - copper wire was invented because two Dutch men were fighting over a penny... we just want our licorice coins !


Syrup Wafle Cookies - Stroopwafels.
The most yummy cookies in the history of the Netherlands! Everybody loves these !